Online Store

Knee Deep Sport Massage will keep a handful of the most requested rehab and exercise equipment for rent and sale for delivery to your door in Sun Peaks. Check out the store link at the bottom of the page.

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Rehab and exercise equipment

Knee Deep therapists all recommend movement for recovery and sometimes those movements require an accessory of some kind.  We will keep those common items in stock in Sun Peaks for our patients who don't want to or can't drive to town. Common items will be rubber bands and mobility straps, general first aid supplies and a handful of bigger ticket items like a Aircast Cryo-cuff and crutches.   

Rental items

Knee Deep Sport Massage agrees with Orthopaedic Surgeons who require their patients to have an Aircast Cryo-cuff (or similar) for post operative recovery. We have one of these available for rent at just $5/week. We take a replacement value deposit and subtract your weekly amount off until you are ready to return. Not buying one of these can be simply because you wont need it forever and these things don't travel well. 

We will also attempt to keep a pair of crutches on hand. 


 It might be late but we will get that item to you. 

It might be late but we will get that item to you. 

Delivered to your door

We understand that if you blew out your knee or your back that walking to the store is out of the question. If it shows in stock in our online store we can have that item to you on the same day.