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Erik Wyatt RMT

Registered massage therapist Erik Wyatt recognized he was going to be a skilled caregiver when his dad fell ill while they travelled together. His dad passed away a few months after returning home, but Erik soldiered on, becoming a Paramedic, working for the BC Ambulance Service. Within the ambulance service, he traveled throughout this province learning deeply from his experiences. 

In 2012 Injured on the job, warn out and beat up by his high stress work Erik was looking for a change of pace and a lower stress environment. So he began a new chapter into massage therapy. He has now an extensive background treating athletes, including mountain bikers, weight lifters and triathletes.

Using his street experience gained in 11-years as a paramedic. Erik has gained a thorough understanding of injuries and the mechanics of movement. Erik adds his diagnostic skills learned as a medic and uses his tool box of therapeutic massage modalities which include but are not limited to deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy and myofascial release treatments. Which assist him in reducing pain increasing range of motion and helping correct postural issues.  Building up each patient’s weaknesses and helping them return to their former selves and lifestyle. Erik prescribes strength and stretching therapeutic exercises in the form of videos on a smartphone app in conjunction with his treatments. 

In his youth Erik raced mountain bikes competitively, played rugby and snow boarded regularly. Today when not working, enjoys hanging out with his young family and getting out on the bike trails to get muddy with his dog. 

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